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Problems with Traditional Construction

These buildings in Muscat, Oman, were in various stages of construction when the cyclone struck. Severe flooding resulted in undermined footings and washed out infill blockwork, and it even caused severe damage to the reinforced concrete column and beam structural framework. As can be seen in the photographs, the buildings were damaged beyond repair.

All of this could have been avoided with VB Mortarless. In contrast to the systems used in the construction of these buildings, VB Mortarless concrete walls are not simply unreinforced masonry infill panels. They utilise blocks for formwork to construct solid concrete load bearing structure. When completed the walls are continuously reinforced both horizontally and vertically, and the reinforcement is fully anchored into the slabs and footings.

Had these buildings been constructed using load bearing VB Mortarless walls this level of damage could have been avoided.