Vision-Build Mortarless

VB Mortarless is an exciting new innovation in concrete wall construction. With this mortarless technology, load-bearing walls can be built quickly and without the need of skilled personnel/operatives. Resource requirements are reduced, and extra efficiency is also gained through a set routine utilising MEP workers as you install the system.

The VB Mortarless System

This unique concrete walling solution offers labour saving, speed and accuracy:

  • It does not require mortar (once the first course is fixed/installed), VB Mortarless walls are dry-stacked
  • The blocks lock together, allowing the walls to be constructed in inclement weather conditions
  • After stacking, all walls are core filled; strength and load bearing capacity is gained from the core filling grout

VB Mortarless Blocks

VB Mortarless blocks are currently available in 200mm thickness (more size ranges are also planned).

In all sizes the range of blocks is sufficient to construct straight walls, ends and corners for walls dimensioned in 200mm increments both lengthwise and in height.

VB Mortarless Connectors

The plastic connector acts as a:

  • Steel Locating Chair
  • Aligner
  • Locking System

VB Mortarless Installation

Foundations and Base Course

As VB Mortarless is a load bearing wall, reduced depth of foundations overall can be achieved.

The base course is laid on a mortar bed to establish line, level and setting out. Adequate attention to detail is spent to ensure fast laying and alignment of subsequent courses.

Installation of Connectors

The plastic aligning Connector is used to lock two blocks together at their perpendicular ends and holds reinforcing steel accurately and securely in position.

Correct horizontal and vertical reinforcing placement is achieved giving optimum cover. Vertical reinforcing bars are perfectly located – there is no need for tying the bars, and therefore no need for steel fixers.

Each course is placed on top of the preceding courses, generally in stagger bond pattern, allowing for the placement of the Connector inside the block.

If there are any blocks leaning out of line or level, utilise the break away plastic wedge on the connector. Wedges are used by inserting them under a block to lean the top of the block back in line.

Service Installation

Services are installed and coordinated as the erection process progresses, ensuring completion prior to grout filling of the wall. Therefore no chasing in or remedial wall repairs are required.

No Need for Individual Lintels

Lintels can be achieved through a simple support/ propping system and are formed in one operation during the core filling.

Core Filling (Grouting)

Always use specially formulated grout. This should have a maximum of 7mm aggregate and approximately 230mm slump. A minimum of 20MPa compressive strength (f ‘c ) is recommended, always comply with the structural engineer’s specification.

No Vibrators

Always rod the grout with the steel reinforcement to ensure proper compaction. Wall bleeding indicates that the wall core has been filled adequately.


Reduced Internal & External finishing can be achieved. A skim coat of approximately 4mm provides good quality finish and cover; saving more cost, time and labour.

VB Mortarless System Benefits

  • Cost effective
    • reduces design/engineering time/involvement
    • drastically reduces labour requirement – faster construction
    • saves on time, steel, cement, water, formwork, scaffolding & crane costs; and also clean up costs
  • Made Locally
  • Reduced Wastage
    • Customers have shown significant savings in reduced steel wastage
    • Eliminates Expensive, time consuming reworks
  • Strength and Durability
    • meets fire, impact and sound requirements
    • offers a totally integrated structural building system
    • has been designed to meet all earthquake and wind load capacity requirements
    • invented and designed by Structural Engineers
    • addresses concrete cover to reinforcement with certainty of reinforcement location in the finished wall
    • design can be further optimised as the Design Engineer has certainty on reinforcement location
  • Reduced Foundations
    • Dependent upon Soil Testing Results strip footing is generally sufficient to carry the necessary loads therefore Raftor Piling is not required
  • No Columns, Beams or Lintels are Required
    • In most applications no columns, beams or lintels are required as the wall itself is fully load bearing

Sustainable Energy Benefits

The VB Mortarless System together with a range of complimentary thermal products, eg. BASF’s EIFS Senergy, can assist designers to achieve international standards, such as LEED system.

Other Key Environmental Benefits

  • Less Concrete
    • Reduces long term environmental impact
  • Less Steel
    • Also reduces long term environmental impact and promotes savings on an expensive resource
  • Less Steel Wastage
    • All required steel lengths can be pre-cut and placed at the site in kit form, ensuring wastage is reduced to a minimum
    • Off-cuts can be used for corners, therefore wastage should be negligible if wastage avoidance procedures are adopted
  • Less Water
    • No need to wash out barrows and tools; no leaking hoses which waste enormous amounts of this valuable natural resource, and no curing of the VB Mortarless walls is required
  • Less Labour
    • The reduction in labour associated with VB Mortarless also reduces the environmental costs of transporting and sustaining higher numbers of staff
  • Thermal Benefits
    • Structures act the same as a solid 200mm thick concrete wall, giving heating and cooling benefits

System Applications

The VB Mortarless system is suited to a variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications:

  • Villas and Condominiums
  • Basement
  • Load bearing walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Underground Service Pits and Trenches
  • Lift and stair walls
  • Fire walls
  • Noise walls
  • Fencing
  • Shear wall
  • Water tanks